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Christian Freksa gives keynote at iConference 2014

On March 4, 2014, Christian Freksa, Director of the Capacity Lab, give a keynote in the "Advances in Spatial Information Science" workshop at the iConference 2014 in Berlin.

Capacity Lab at ICTD, ACM Dev, DPEW

Good opportunities to meet the Capacity Lab, that is, Falko and Lutz, in South Africa these days.

We are starting our trip attending the workshop on Robust Socio-technical Architectures in Support of Displaced Persons in Stellenbosch on Dec 4 and 5.

Upcoming Presentations on Mobile4D

We have several upcoming events where the Capacity Lab will talk and/or showcase the Mobile4D system.

Full paper on mapIT accepted for ACM Dev 4

Our paper "Lowering the Barrier: How the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Map Paradigm Enables People to Contribute Volunteered Geographic Information" has been accepted as a full paper for the fourth annual Symposium on Computing for Development (DEV-4) in Capetown.


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