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MAF Visitor to Capacity Lab
















Dr. Thatheva Saphangthong, a representative of the Lao Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry (MAF) will visit the Capacity Lab from 28th November to 2nd December 2016. The purpose of the visit is to further develop the Mobile4D project. Mobile4D is a software framework that has been developed in collaboration with the Capacity Lab, the Lao MAF, and the National University of Laos (NUOL). During the visit, Dr. Saphangthong will advise the members of the ME4D student project and provide feedback towards a better understanding of the application environment in Laos. ME4D is a master project of 20 computer science students carrying out further extension and enhancement of the Mobile4D project. In a previous workshop, our partners from Laos expressed their demands to extend Mobile4D to cover the entire country. The system has already been set up for a pilot phase in three Lao provinces since 2015. 

Mobile4D is developed based on a user-centered approach. Hence, the visit will give the development team an impression of the deployment context in Laos. Moreover, the visit will serve towards the preparation of a research visit to Laos next February 2017. The exchange visits in both directions are supported by the MINTernational project of the University of Bremen.

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